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  "You are such a wonderful yoga teacher, the best I have ever known.  Wherever you go you are
going to be a shinning light and you will always inspire others.  Your future is so bright."

  ~Mary R.R., PhD

     "Thank you So Much for all your Generosity and Love.  I've been wanting to write and let you
know that my dad passed away yesterday.  Around an hour after he passed my mom, brother,
and I held hands and chanted the mantra you gave, at his bedside.  It was a peaceful moment.  
Thank you for that L.  I will continue the mantra, it is so beautiful.  And I can't thank you
enough for this note of support, all your caring energy is so appreciated.  All my love to you."


  "I have thought of you often since I returned home. I want to express again my most sincere
and humble thanks for the wisdom that you shared with me, the gift of sadhana, and the
profound and life changing peace and joy I have found through my practice!  The changes that
have come about for me are simply stunning, and to say that I am humbled and awestruck
would be a massive understatement.  I write today, because I felt compelled to share some of the
magic with you, the golden chain to which I am now linked through your kind and enlightened
encouragement...Please accept again my most humble thanks to you."


    "L is an amazingly gifted and intuitive teacher and healer.  I never told him I had a hip that
was not seated in its socket.  He told me.  Wow.  Recommended stretches that helped the hip heal.
Miss him in NY."


  "My being often returns to those more challenging personal times this past summer.  And your
kindness and compassion continues to touch my heart and soul deeply.  Your beautiful, gentle
expression and divine patience at perfect moments.  There is so much gratitude and thanks from
a place of deep appreciation.  Words fall short of expression … that presence has been returning
in waves.  May the season of gratitude be filled with grace and love for all.  Bless you for being
the amazing being that you are."


 "We want to thank you for all your prayers and the life that you live and our connection.  I
wanted to report the miracles that occurred in the photo travels and meditations that we took
with you and All who were on the Peru journey.  So much healing and release, and so much
forgiveness has been liberated.  Thank you for helping us so much, especially in the start up of
our Kundalini Yoga lifestyle.  You helped us so much.  We both wanted to tell you this."

   ~Mary & Jay

   "I subscribed to your email after having taken many of your classes at the Midwest Yoga
Conference several years ago.  I attended a day-long session as well as many of your workshops
and just “loved” you and your work."


   "Kundalini Yoga has transformed my life.  Thank you for your continuous love, teaching,
compassion and understanding of both Kundalini Yoga and people.  Please offer Kundalini Yoga
on Kaua'i again soon.  The island ho no other yoga like your class; nothing even comes close to


    "YOUR inspiration and magnificence shone from the moment you greeted us to the final Sat
Nam today!!!!  I cannot thank you for your wonder and excellence and am filled with immense
gratitude.  The entire time was choreographed with sheer brilliance and your light."